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                Steel Plate钢板资讯

                佛山厂家烤箱冰箱侧板◤家电板 0.35mm香槟色彩涂板贴¤膜折弯不掉漆 ...

                2022-11-18 15:33| 发布者: steelfu4mo| 查看: 255| 评论: 0 |原作者: 佛山万庆物资

                如今生■活水平提高了,大家装修时总希望家里高大上一些,看起来感觉倍有面子!如果选择的家电产品不合适,一下子会让整个家⌒ 居“Low”很多,一般来说,常见的家电颜色是银色和灰色这两种,但这两种颜色都显得太■普遍,放在家中给人感觉不够大气时尚。

                Now the living standard has improved, we always hope that the home tall on some, it seems to feel more face! If the choice of home appliance products is not suitable, suddenly will let the whole home "Low" a lot of, generally speaking, the common home appliance color is silver and gray these two kinds, but these two colors appear too common, put in the home to feel not enough atmosphere fashion.


                Home appliance develops to now, already blend in sitting room, study and bedroom, become the important makeup point of household environment! To let home environment fashionable atmosphere and individuation, might as well choose the home appliance of a gold, put in the home reveal atmosphere already, also add sedate, and can inject more luxurious —— gold with light and glamour for home space, can be used very well in home.


                The 0.35mm thick gold series of home appliance color coating board supplied by Foshan Wanqing is mostly "tuhao gold", which is generally used in oven and refrigerator side panels. When many consumers choose to buy foreign brand home appliances, they value the influence of the brand and the product quality of the brand. To Foshan wanqing, besides paying attention to the quality inside home appliance all the time, choose to buy while, also want to understand shell material.

                如烤箱箱体的材质主要有:1、外壳一般为不锈钢材质,不□ 锈钢全称为不锈耐钢,由不锈钢和耐酸钢两大部分组成的,有很强的耐蚀性、成型性、相♂容性以及强韧性,是大多数烤箱外壳使用的材质,表面经磷化与喷塑(或喷漆)处理,为了美观,门壳多用彩钢板,有的使用拉丝板。2、 烤箱操作面板材质主要有:不锈钢『和钢化玻璃,钢化玻璃外形好看,更高大上,而且易清洁。不锈钢耐锈蚀腐蚀,容易清理,安全卫生。

                Such as oven box material mainly has: 1, the shell is generally stainless steel, stainless steel called stainless steel, composed of stainless steel and acid steel two parts, has strong corrosion resistance, molding, compatibility and strong toughness, is most of the oven shell use material, surface by phosphorization and spray plastic (or paint) treatment, in order to beautiful, door shell with color steel plate, some use drawing plate.2. The material of the oven operation panel is mainly: stainless steel and tempered glass. The tempered glass appearance is good-looking, taller, and easy to clean. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, easy to clean up, safe and sanitary.

                金色▓的冰箱,为了达到一定的艺术效果,采用了拉丝工艺,不喷漆。为使其不锈▼,一般采用不锈钢板或铝板,因而材料成本较贵。不锈钢或铝板拉丝是一种金属㊣加工工艺,是当今不锈钢和铝制品行业最流行的一种表面处理技术,有直丝纹,雪花纹,尼龙纹等不同◥艺术效果, 拉丝加工工艺较复杂,加工成本较高,所以金色↑冰箱的外壳材料和工艺两者加起来,总体造价就比其他色的贵了。

                Golden refrigerator, in order to achieve a certain artistic effect, using the drawing process, do not spray paint. To make its rust-free, generally use stainless steel plate or aluminum plate, so the material cost is more expensive. Stainless steel or aluminum plate drawing is a kind of metal processing technology, is one of the most popular stainless steel and aluminum products industry surface treatment technology, straight silk thread, snow pattern, nylon grain and other different artistic effect, drawing processing process is more complex, processing cost is higher, so the gold refrigerator shell material and process together, the overall cost is more expensive than other colors.