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                Steel Plate客户案例

                空气能电热水器外壳√哑光白pcm彩涂板0.45*1420mm定制430不锈←钢拉丝银vcm覆膜板 ...

                2022-3-22 18:07| 发布者: steelfu4mo| 查看: 1936| 评论: 0 |原作者: 佛山万庆物资


                In the rise of young generation consumer group today, "appearance level" level is becoming an important factor that affects users to choose water heater products after brand, quality, price.The most original function of the water heater is to produce hot water, but with the development of The Times and the promotion of taste, the water heater has undergone great changes in the function, appearance and convenient use in recent years.


                At present, the shell material of water storage type electric water heater on the market mainly includes metal panel, ordinary plastic or pressure film, ABS special glue material, etc.


                佛山市万庆物资有限公司彩涂板厂家专注销售家电vcm/pvc覆膜(覆膜彩图板)/pet覆膜板,该材料★表面有银色拉丝效果,珠光效果,被高热水器、高频灶厂商广泛使用,如目前家电行ξ业流行的拉丝银与防拉丝,另有高光亮珠光〓板有与汽车烤漆相当的效果。可应用于中高档家电外壳尤ζ 其是冰箱储水式电热水器、洗衣机等,让您的产品档次大幅度提升我司产品具有折弯,拉等良好的物理加工特性.并且已通过国际SGS认证欢迎您来电咨询!

                Foshan wanqing materials co., LTD., color coated board manufacturers focus on sales appliances vcm / pvc coated plate (coated color plate) / pet coated board, the material surface has silver drawing effect, pearl effect, is widely used by high-end water heater, high frequency stove manufacturers, such as the current home appliance industry popular brushed silver and brushed, and bright bead board has the effect of car paint.Can be applied to the middle and high-grade home appliance shell.Especially refrigerator, water storage type electric water heater, washing machine, etc., let your product grade is greatly promoted.Our products have good physical processing characteristics such as bending and stretching. And has passed the international SGS certification.Welcome to call consultation!


                Another representative of the metal panels is the pre-coated panels.Precoated plate is the pcm color coated board.Pre-coating board has monochrome, pearl, pattern and other decorative effects, but also has the advantages of rich color, high production efficiency, fast turnover speed, environmental protection and pollution-free.Mainly used for the use of hardware home appliances shell, side board.Pre-coating board (pcm color coating board) has two kinds of highlight and matte, surface rolling coating paint, rich surface color, with corrosion resistance, stain resistance, convenient scrub, good processing performance, can resist water storage type electric water heater shell surface stain.