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                Steel Plate客户案例

                【洁净车『间装修工程用钢】电子净化车◇间为什么要用净化彩钢◇板呢? ...

                2022-3-4 15:29| 发布者: steelfu4mo| 查看: 1869| 评论: 0 |原作者: 佛山万庆物资


                Why should the electronic purification workshop use the purification color steel plate?


                Because the electronic purification workshop is fundamentally different from other factories, it is a relatively closed air workshop, once a fire occurs, the toxic gas of other plates is not easy to eliminate, directly threatening people's health.With the development of science and technology, the quality standards of supporting products required by the manufacturing industry have been constantly improved.Therefore, industrial manufacturers not only need to innovate products from the production process, but also need to improve the production environment of products, strict workshop environment requirements, and improve product quality and stability.


                Electronic purification workshop has strict requirements on the production environment. The production environment is closely related to the production of electronic products. A suitable production environment can improve the performance, yield and reliability of products, otherwise it will have a greater impact on the product production.


                So, what is the purification color steel plate in the electronic purification workshop?


                Color steel purification plate is two sides are color steel, the middle is sandwich, electronic purification workshop color steel we use high quality raw material, some famous brand color steel: baosteel, guan, hongji, Xinyu, hui, Bosch, choose high quality color steel plate, not only can increase the service life, can also prevent cracking, drum and other quality problems, to purify the environment more security; outer plate surface smooth and beautiful, exquisite technology.


                Electronic purification workshop generally choose 50mm thick partition, roof splint; and color steel plate equipment sensitive and convenient: construction cycle is short, electronic purification workshop can be adjusted according to the production needs, the use of color steel plate wall, electronic purification workshop transformation construction more convenient.