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                Steel Plate客户案例

                宝钢彩涂卷板哑光白色亚光黑色彩涂板卷帘门板彩钢卷板防火 ...

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                In the past, the facade materials of various stores in China were basically heavy wooden boards. Although it was solid, it gave people a sense of heavy and heavy. It was not only laborious on the switch, but also there were some defects in the material itself, that is, it could not prevent fire. With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, people are most concerned about the safety of product storage environment in addition to the quality of products.


                Rolling shutter door is also called rolling gate in the north. It is generally made of iron sheet and aluminum sheet. In the fixed slideway, it rotates around the reel above the door, which is divided into electric and manual. Electric ones are mostly used in residential, shopping malls, commercial areas, etc. because remote control operation is very convenient, especially for driving heads of households. Manual is mainly pulled up and down manually. Usually, small stores use more, and the price is much cheaper than electric ones.



                Baosteel color coated coil supplied by Foshan Wanqing Materials Co., Ltd. is used for rolling shutter doors. It is made of hot plate, galvanized plate, cold rolled plate and electrolytic plate after surface pretreatment (degreasing, cleaning and chemical conversion), continuous coating (roll coating), baking and cooling. It can also print patterns and customize various colors, Rolling shutter doors generally use white, matte black series.








                There are many kinds of materials for rolling shutter doors. Common materials are:

                Crystal roller shutter door: transparent polycarbonate material similar to glass;

                Aluminum alloy rolling shutter door: characterized by light weight and environmental protection;

                Color steel rolling shutter door: various colors available;

                Stainless steel rolling shutter door: anti-wear, anti scratch, firm and durable;

                PVC rolling shutter door: dust isolation, heat insulation, sound insulation,etc.


                Characteristics of color steel rolling shutter door of Foshan Wanqing Materials Co.,Ltd.:

                1. The door panel adopts color steel plate, aluminum alloy plate or composite plate, and the door panel with different thickness shall be selected according to the width of the door opening. Daylighting windows and middle door (small door) can be added as required;

                2. A variety of panels and colors are available;

                3. The door panel can be equipped with a variety of daylighting windows, ventilation windows and middle door (small door).

                4. The product meets the standard and passes the test.


                The thickness of ordinary color steel rolling shutter door is 0.276/0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476, and the commonly used thickness is 0.426.

                彩钢板作为卷帘门在防火性能上更胜一筹形状雅观,容易洗濯,除具备普通门的作用外,还具有防火□ 、隔烟、抑制火灾蔓延、保护人员疏散的特殊功能,广泛应用于高层建筑、大型商场等人员密集的场合而且也节省车库,商场的空间,开启比较简约密封性和防火性都很好,如果采用遥控系统使用起来方便

                As a rolling shutter door, color steel plate is superior in fire prevention performance, elegant in shape and easy to wash. In addition to the role of ordinary door, it also has the special functions of fire prevention, smoke isolation, fire suppression and personnel evacuation protection. It is widely used in high-rise buildings, large shopping malls and other crowded occasions; It also saves the space of garage and shopping mall. The opening is relatively simple, and the sealing and fire resistance are very good. It is more convenient to use if the remote control system is adopted.